Meet the photographers who are exhibiting in the “The Next Generation – Young Rohingya Refugees” exhibition in Oxford. I am Abul Kalam. I became a refugee when I was a teenager and came to Bangladesh on my own in 1996. Twenty two years later, after the October 2016 crisis in Rakhine, my mother and sisters also became refugees and I was reunited with them. My first wife died in 2012 during childbirth. I remarried and now have four children. In the past, I have done work with various organisations including Channel 4, Al Jazeera, Equal Rights Trust, Skype News and individual journalists, photographers and filmmakers. My work has appeared in various publications including a book cover of a monograph on Rohingya. I consider myself an artist and i want to tell the world about our unacceptable situation. I want our stories written in books so that the world can learn from our experience. Our young have the same aspirations as other young people in the world. Yet we are unable to give them anything. The young are the only resource we have to take our people forward. However we are failing our young people and consequently we are failing all Rohingya. Our situation here is akin to a jail. Those who commit crimes are locked up. We are innocent and yet we are in an open-air jail. Surrounding us is barbed wire. Now also CCTV cameras. Yet we are not criminals. We have been left without rights for over 30 years. Why is this the case? What have we done? I want to use my photography to remind the world that just feeding us is not enough. You can’t give us some scraps and keep us in jail. We want to go back to our land. We don’t want to stay in a foreign land forever. Our demands are clear – we want freedom and we want human rights. One day, we shall achieve these and we shall go back. #Rohingya #refugees #photocompetition #solidarity #Bangladesh #Myanmar #Arakan #Rakhine #photography #exhibition #oxford #humanrights #RPC2021 @oxhrf

My portrait photography of the world 🌎📷🙏 IMAGE BY Abul kalam Rohingya portrait #Rohingya #refugee #refugees #refugeecamp #photography #creative #education #bangladesh #humanrights #journalism #documentary #blacknwhite #blackandwhite

My photography of the world 🌍📷🙏 Crossing the border into Bangladesh 😭😭. C(k) photographer #Rohingya #Refugees #stateless #homeless #genocide #pain #childrenpain #children #helping #bangladeshrefugecamp #villagelife #travelphotography #C(k) photography

My flower photography of the world 🌍📷 🌹 #Wonderful Shot photo #Photography #Flower #Rohingya #Refugee Camp #Cox’sBazar in Bangladesh 2021 #My Mobile photography in the Refugee Camp. All the people look at the photoshoot.

Joao Thomas, like the Brihanlalas, used to earn by begging on the train Not only to provide rice for the stomach, he dreamed that one day he would save money and buy a camera Be a photo journalist. Performed in the series “Hijra Shaap Ki Bardan”, won the award for best performance. জোয়া থমাস, বৃহন্নলাদের মতোই ট্রেনে ভিক্ষে করে রোজগার করতেন৷ পেটের ভাত জোগাতেই নয়, স্বপ্ন দেখতেন একদিন টাকা জমিয়েই কিনে ফেলবেন ক্যামেরা৷ হবেন ফটো জার্নালিস্ট। অভিনয় করেছেন “হিজড়া শাপ কি বরদান” সিরিজে, পেয়েছেন সেরা অভিনয়ের পুরস্কার ।

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